The largest concentration of multihull experts

Ideally located midway between the French Riviera and Palma, Canet Premium Services offers the widest range of technical and personal services for multihull owners and crew.  




CPS supplies refit project management services. Working with 15 different independent companies specialized in their own field of expertise allows us to offer a complete range of technical assistance.

Personal assistance

CPS offers our client a unique experience in our location bringing all the assistance needed during their stay. Services are limitless from car or bike rental to touristic experience through conciergerie.

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CPS offers wintering space at dock or on the ground. Our locations are closed and secured. Boat systems are prepared for long stay. Regular check and cleaning are done preventing battery damage, leaks...

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Charter / Sales preparation

CPS can help you preparing your boat for the charter season ensuring that your season will be optimised. CPS also works with charter agencies for booking, crew or sales.


CPS works with several local and international engineering firms. Sound insulation, structural composite, rigging specialist... We have been involved in the engineering of several parts for multihull.



CPS brings all the necessary services for owners and crew including private storage for boat or personal equipment during winter or refit period.


CPS was created in 2017 with the aim of providing a technical and personal assistance service to catamaran owners.

The specificity of catamarans due to their width and their particular construction among others is such that there was no real place in the Mediterranean offering a service truly adapted for them. Too often, owners had to go to superyacht service centers.

After spending more than 10 years abroad working for some of the largest catamaran manufacturers, meeting clients, owners and prospects we realized that Canet-en-Roussillon had all the potential (climat, location, expertise, lifts, mooring space...) to become a reference in the Mediterranean area.

CPS was then born in the aim to offer the unexpected.